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Mario Runco e Figlio is a company active in the special transport sector, nationally and internationally. From preliminary analysis to assistance with exceptional transport practices, we are available to companies from different product sectors. The many experiences have allowed us to become a point of reference for companies of all sizes. We transport industrial products, semi-finished products, machines and wind power plants. 

What do we do

Collaborations with public bodies

Bureaucratic assistance

Long experience in transport

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Long experience in transport

The experience we have acquired in approximately thirty years of activity in the exceptional transport sector has allowed us to grow and expand our market, offering increasingly complete services to our customers.


Each of them has the right to personalized advice and all the assistance for exceptional transport procedures that they need. Our staff is constantly updated, thanks to periodic training courses that we guarantee to our employees: both from a bureaucratic and legislative point of view, and with regards to safety at work.

Collaborations with public bodies

Our assistance services for exceptional transport practices also include direct dialogue with the public or private bodies managing the road arteries, with public safety bodies and with a tested network of correspondents: everything to guarantee punctual and problem-free deliveries.

Bureaucratic assistance

We examine for you in advance the route to safely and efficiently bring your goods to their destination, in Italy and abroad. Among the activities we deal with, for example, include:

  • technical transit reports;
  • detailed itinerary planning;
  • assistance for exceptional transport practices.

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Administrative and operational headquarters

Contrada Santa Chiara 37, 87036 Rende (CS)

+39 0984 462778 +39 0984 462502