Quality policy

The Management of RUNCO Mario & Figlio S.r.l. considers the following as fundamental principles of its Quality Policy, understood as a set of general guidelines, guidelines and objectives relating to quality to be aimed at in relation to both external and internal needs: the Quality of services, the full satisfaction of Customer needs and systematic compliance with current legal requirements at every stage of service provision.

Quality management

The Quality Management System, in accordance with the provisions of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, is the tool used by the Company to ensure the constant application of the aforementioned principles and for the implementation of this Policy. To this end, the Management of RUNCO Mario & Figlio S.r.l. implements a continuous improvement program with the following purposes:

  • Provide services that completely satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and all interested parties, in compliance with current laws and regulations;
  • Identify and continuously monitor customer needs and expectations;
  • Monitorare i propri processi interni al fine di garantire la continua efficienza ed efficacia degli stessi, minimizzare e monitorare con continuità, quantità e cause di non conformità, accrescere la competenza e l’efficienza globale dell’Organizzazione.
  • Support the involvement and empowerment of human resources and suppliers;
  • Promote sharing and support throughout the Organization for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System;
  • Ensure effective and efficient internal and external communication.

General objectives

Therefore, the general objectives for quality that the Management of RUNCO Mario & Figlio S.r.l. aims are the following: 

  • Apply the Quality Management System and continuously improve its effectiveness;
  • Ensure that the Customer's requirements and expectations are defined and taken into consideration in the development of processes; 
  • Keep the level of customer satisfaction under control;
  • Activate constant staff training in order to improve both the technical level and the professional and cultural level of human resources;
  • Continuously improve the internal organization through knowledge of its processes and the setting of a series of indicators and objectives;
  • Operate with company objectives, train staff and spread the Quality Management System at all levels of the organisation;
  • Encourage employees' ideas and proposals for improvement both for the Quality System and for any work activity;
  • Assign the resources necessary to guarantee quality in all its processes and adequate protection of health and the working environment;
  • Procure products and services aimed at maintaining quality at competitive prices;

 Pplan while maintaining the objectives and implementation, structures and equipment, management systems unchanged, providing training for its operations in such a way as to safeguard "People and Assets".

Fdeal quickly, effectively and diligently with problems arising from emergencies or accidents that may occur during its operations, collaborating with competent government bodies and national and international organisations;

RComply with all laws and regulations in force, guaranteeing a sense of responsibility, competence and organisation.

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