Wind Farm Matisse

Anno 2023, (Fg) N°13 WTG V112 – 3,0 MW 94 Mt

In this project

The Matisse wind farm with N°13 WTG represents a source of pride and pride for MR&F, given that this project is identified as a milestone for the wind capacity installed in the country, being one of the first parks with V112-3.0 turbines MW. Thanks to the area swept by its 55 meter long blades, the V112-3.0 MW makes it possible to make the most of the vast wind resources of medium and low wind intensity sites, perfectly responding to the needs of the more mature markets for wind solutions equipped with rotors wider. As regards our relevant sector, the creation of the Matisse Park involved 2 Main Cranes, the LTM 11200 9.1. T3YV2VEN machine configuration having 120 meters of boom and 202 tons of ballast, and the LG 1550 having an SLK machine configuration, with 117 meters of lattice boom, and 200 tons of counterweights. 

In the face of a valid collaboration, which has been consolidated for years with the VESTAS world, the creation and completion of this project was also a tangible example of capacity and efficiency.

Other Projects

Anno 2013 P. E. Deliceto

Our first experience with the Chinese giant Sinovel concerned the SL3000 series of wind turbines, which rightfully place themselves in the adoption of advanced technologies in the wind energy field.

Anno 2013 P. E. Venti di Nurra

Usate pale in fibra di vetro lunghe 55,8 metri, derivanti da quella che è la ricerca tecnologica nel settore offshore, rappresentano il top della tecnologia per il nostro Paese, visto che ogni torre eolica potrà spazzare un’area superiore a 10.000 metri quadrati.

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